About Floyd’s Farm & Home

The Short Version

Floyd’s caters to the chicken-keeper, the gardener, the farmer, the foodie, simply, the do-it-yourselfer that lives within all of us. By providing the tools and knowledge to bring your farm to the table, support sustainable and resilient lifestyles, and make natural, organic options more accessible, Floyd’s exists to improve your health, the health of your community and the health of the planet.

Like the general store of yore, we are interested in building and strengthening community through a shared interest in sustainability, and knowledge-building around the green living and local lifestyle. If you already are, or dream of being, a gardener, chicken keeper, homesteader, or just a general do-it-yourself junkie, Floyd’s is the local resource for supplies, inspiration and knowledge.

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The Longer Version

Hi, I’m Travis, owner and operator of Floyd’s. My Grandad used to tell me stories about early days on the farm during the Great Depression when life was pretty tough. He would talk about coming up with solutions to everyday problems which were straightforward, matter-of-fact and often pretty brilliant. He met problems with a sense of purpose and creativity that transcended the hardship that came with them. He was my inspiration and his name was Floyd.

Floyd’s Farm & Home exists to creatively solve today’s problems with time-tested solutions like my Grandad used. Floyd’s fills a niche in the Central Kentucky region by providing the supplies to support self-reliant and sustainable lifestyles; building a resilient community around food and food production; providing a central source for learning how to live sustainably; and providing a place to gather and build community around sustainable living practices. Floyd’s will supply the community with the tools, materials, and knowledge that enable, support, and encourage sustainable and local living.

Floyd’s caters to the backyard chicken-keeper, the home gardener, the urban farmer, the food preservationist, and the do-it-yourselfer. Providing the tools and knowledge to bring the farm to the table, supporting sustainable and resilient lifestyles, and making organics more accessible, are all keystones in the mission of Floyd’s. Floyd’s is mission-driven and will also support local non-profit organizations through a 5% for the community program establishing itself as a business with integrity and a love for community.

My first step in building Floyd’s came from a desire to feed my chickens the best so that their eggs will be as healthy as possible for my family. I soon realized that “the best feed” isn’t easy or cheap to get and I also realized that my desire was also the desire of others. Could I support my chicken habit by helping other folks with theirs? I thought maybe so and I began to source and sell bags of organic chicken feed. My interest in providing healthy and sustainable food for my family as well as my interest in building a healthy community would begin to pave the path to Floyd’s Farm & Home.

Floyd’s is the organic, local, and sustainable alternative that provides all the necessaries to live a life in harmony with the earth – raise livestock, grow food, and preserve the harvest – and with each other. Floyd’s will be a community gathering place like the general store used to be. A place for fellowship with others where everyone is welcome and where you might just learn a thing or two. A place to share, learn and grow.