SHW Splitting Maul


SHW brand German-made forged-steel splitting maul with unique head shape for maximum effectiveness. USA-made hickory handle.

The unique head shape of this German-forged splitting maul makes its relatively light 6.6 pound head weight incredibly effective AND it resists sticking in the wood. The handle is American Hickory…and replacement handles are available. Head: 8.5″. Length: 35″, Total weight: 8.4 lbs. Made in Germany.

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SHW Schmiedetechnik tool forging company dates back to 1267. It is located in the Black Forest in the Forbach valley in Friedrichstal, Germany — an area rose to prominence in the 1700’s as the leader in ore production and forging…and tool maker to kings. Today, SHW is blending that old world quality with today’s technologies in making a tool you can be sure will last for years and years. The German tool forger dates all the way back to 1267 and they offer what is probably the largest selection of eye-hoes / chopping hoes in Europe. We can’t possibly stock all the different styles they offer (about 50), but if you want a chopping hoe (eye-hoe) that you don’t see here, let us know and we may be able to order it for you. SHW offers a huge selection of eye-hoes and chopping hoes as well as  rakes, forks, tined cultivators, and more.


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