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Designed to plant and split clumped perennial bulbs, this is one of the most popular Dutch garden tools on the planet. Doubles as a small spade. Part of our “Hands & Knees” series, this tool is that perfect in-between size for when a full-sized tool is too big, but a single, hand-held tool is too small. Handle is long enough to get both hands on when doing close work on hands and knees, with a nice T-grip at the top and with a high-carbon forged steel head, it is stronger than many full-sized tools.

Head: 4.5” x 5”; Length: 20.5”; Weight: 1 lb. Made in Holland.

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About DeWit
DeWit is a 4th generation Dutch tool forging company whose quality, craftsmanship and excellent ergonomic tool design we have found to be unparalleled. Founded in Holland by Wilhelm DeWit 1898, the company is now run by 3rd and 4th generation DeWits, to whom high quality is still top priority. DeWit has about 25 employees; in Europe it takes 7 years of training for an employee to become a certified tool forger. The Dutch forged steel is slightly harder than you will find in English tools (so they will hold an edge better), and the designs much more ergonomic (user-friendly). Just the handle length alone of the Dutch tools sells them… handles are 10 to 20% longer than their English counterparts.


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