Hemp Bedding – 33# bag


Compressed bags of hemp bedding are 33 lbs. each — equivalent to two average bags of pine shavings.

Hemp is a great alternative for animal bedding. It is more absorbent, less dusty, has superior odor and ammonia control, is more economical, composts faster, and is more renewable. What’s not to like! 

Superior Absorbency
Hemp animal bedding is hyper-absorbent. Damp bedding encourages bacterial growth where Salmonella and Coccidiosis can quickly take hold. Hemp’s natural anti-microbial properties combined with dry bedding will help you rest easier.

Remarkably Low in Dust
Hemp bedding is virtually dust-free and unlike wood chips, is exceptionally fluffy. Dust can damage the delicate respiratory systems of birds. With hemp you don’t have to sacrifice safety and comfort for practicality. Hemp in the the nest box will provide eggs a soft spot to land. Using hemp chicken bedding in your coop will provide a stable but cushioned surface that helps prevent Bumblefoot.

Superior Odor Control
Hemp bedding reduces ammonia fumes and other unwanted odors. Not are they only unpleasant, they can be harmful to your chickens. Don’t let cedar trick you, the aroma may be lovely, it may help deter insects, but the phenols are tough on the respiratory system for your birds.

Hemp bedding is especially beneficial in the confinement of a brooder. Hemp’s neutral odor doesn’t mean it won’t help keep mites and other insects at bay, as it does possess insect repelling properties.

Hemp Chicken bedding lasts longer and contributes to a healthy flock. When you choose Hemp for your chicken coop and nesting boxes, less of your hard-earned money is spent on bedding and healthcare. Hemp’s high thermal rating will keep your birds warmer, reducing electricity costs. Happy healthy hens produce more eggs.

Ecologically Sound
We would be remiss if we didn’t discuss composting! Hemp is non-acidic and the waste from your chicken housing will quickly biodegrade, leaving nothing but garden gold. Your garden will thank you with increased yields.

Hemp is also renews itself annually and produces significantly more pulp than trees per acre. Use hemp for your chicken bedding – the earth will thank you for it.


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